5 Peruvian attractions for luxury travel

November 20, 2012 at 1:01 PM

5 Great Attractions In Peru To Include In Your Luxury Travel To South America
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Peru is definitely a country to include in your plans for luxury travel to South America. It offers a huge range of geographical experiences, from the towering snow capped Andes mountains, to the coastal desert and the Amazon rainforest. It's also a land full of culture, history and incredible wildlife, including ancient temples hidden in the jungle, flocks of colourful tropical birds and barking sea lions. Here are 5 great attractions to enjoy during your stay.

1.Lake Titicaca is a distinctive deep blue lake which is considered to be the world's highest commercially navigable lake as well as the birthplace of the great Incan civilisation. It can be found 3,810 metres above sea level on the border between north Bolivia and south Peru. The area is home to peasant women wearing rubber sandals and quirky bowler hats. You can't take a bad photo at Lake Titicaca! The background of archaeological ruins, bright colours of water, sky and lush pasture and the breathtaking mountainous scenery in the distance make sure of that. It's the perfect place to indulge in some down time during your luxury travel in South America.

2.Peru's capital city of Lima sprawls through the dusty desert which gives everything a grey hue. However, it's definitely a place to stop on your travels through this land of eccentricities, if only for the unusual juxtaposition of ancient and modern architecture including traditional markets and up tempo shopping malls. It's a great place to walk the cobbled streets, visiting dozens of churches and museums as you catch up on the history of Peru. The President's Palace sits in the Plaza de Armas and lunch time is a good time to stop by to see the changing of the guard. Another great spot to check out is Lima Cathedral which is a masterpiece of colonial architecture with a gorgeous interior. It was built in 1535 and modelled on Spain's Seville Cathedral, although changes have been made over the centuries as the cathedral has been the victim of many earthquakes.

3.Machu Picchu is one of the best known tourist spots in Peru - and the world - and a must stop place for your luxury travel through South America. It is the site of an ancient man made city of the Incan people and is found high in the Andes amid a lush tropical forest. The Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon are important sites to spend time in and the one hour climb along the original Inca path up the mountain that overlooks Machu Picchu is well worth the exertion.

4.The Nazca Lines in Peru's Nazca Desert south of Lima are a fascinating enigma. No one really knows who created them or why they were made. The lines range from lines to stylised animals such as birds, monkeys and lizards. The only way to view this fascinating piece of Peruvian history during your luxury travel through South America is to fly overhead. It is believed that the lines have survived because of the dry and windless climate in the region.

5.Manu National Park is a biosphere reserve in south eastern Peru's lush Amazon rain forest area not far from the historic city of Cusco. The reserve is one of the top attractions in the country because it is home to such a wide variety of flora and fauna as well as tribes still practising their ancient customs. Visitors can see some of the 200 species of mammals, more than 800 species of birds and 1,200 species of colourful butterflies. It's a great place to add to your itinerary if you are visiting Peru between June and October.


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